Hi. My name is Nisqually (pronounced Nis-qual-LEE).  I am a female purebred malamute.  I was born on February 19, 2004, in Tenino, Washington, and today I live with my human parents, Doug and Joan, in Mill Creek, Washington. 
This web site is about my life and adventures.  I hope that you enjoy it. And please remember that you are welcome to print my picture, but all material on this web site is property of my parents and you should contact them for permission before using any of it. 
I am now two years old.  It seems like it has taken half of my life since my first birthday to get to my second birthday, but it finally happened.  We had a great cake (Michelle, the cake lady at QFC made it).  To find out more go to my birthday page and may all of your birthday wishes come true (I am still waiting for my birthday pony to arrive, but I know that it will come any day soon). 
New stuff (coming soon)
I will be adding new stuff so I hope that you will come back and visit me again. If you want to write to me you can email me at  I hope to hear from you. 
Your malamute friend, 
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