My early months.                       
I was really young when I was born and I only weighed a couple of pounds.  I was one of seven puppies. We were born at the Goldust Alaskan Malamutes in Tenino, Washington, on February 19, 2004. I am a Pisces. 
My birth mother was named Alice. We were her first litter and she didnít have enough milk. So we were raised by a surrogate mom and Holly, the owner of Goldust Alaskan Malamutes.  I had fun playing every day with my brothers and sisters.  I wonder where they are now. 
My new parents, Doug and Joan, came and visited me a couple of times before I could go home with them. They were really nice and I couldnít wait to see my new home, although I knew that I would miss my litter mates. 
When I was ten weeks old I said good-bye to my litter mates. My new parents, Doug and Joan, gave me a new home and I got new brothers to play with.  I donít know why they donít look or act like my original ones. 
My new parents are really nice. They give me lots of toys and take me everywhere they go. We play and play and then I need a nap. 
My parents took me to school at Positive Dog Training (my brothers need to go to Positive Cat Training, but thatís another story). At Positive Dog Training I met lots of other dogs and we learned how to sit and do lots of other things our parents said. Sometimes I got confused or excited, but every time I did something right I got a treat. At the end of my first class I passed Beginning Obedience I. My parents were very proud. 
Since then I have continued to take classes at Positive Dog Training. In October 2004 I trained for and passed the American Kennel Clubís Canine Good Citizen test. It was hard, but Mom helped me remember what to do.  I got a neat certificate and it now hangs on the wall right next to my Beginning Obedience I certificate. 
My plans for the future include therapy dog training and having fun. What are your plans? 
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