My trail running.                      
I like to run on trails.  My favorite trails are on Cougar Mountain, near Bellevue, Washington.  I donít know why it is called Cougar Mountain.  I have never seen a cougar there.  It should be called Dog Mountain; I have seen lots of dogs on its trails. 
Dad and Mom take me to Cougar Mountain almost every weekend.  We run and run and run.  And then we stop and have something to eat and drink.  I donít know which is more fun: running or stopping.
I like to lead when we run on the trails.  I race Dad for a while and then I run with Mom.  The best part is when we come to a stream or a pond.  I get very excited and run into the water.  That makes Mom and Dad very excited too. 
Sometimes we see wildlife when we go running.  I have seen deer and rabbits and squirrels.  I donít chase them; that would scare them and they would run away.  We run on Shy Bear Trail at Cougar Mountain and I keep a sharp nose out for Mr. Shy Bear, but I havenít found him yet.  If he is nice I will share my trail treats with him. 
I get to carry my own trail treats when we go running. Mom and Dad bought me a very nice trail pack at REI.  It is red and has a cute little bell that jingles when I run.  I wear my pack very proudly.  I know that it is very special and not many dogs get to have their own pack. 
My brothers (Max, Edgar, Mary Francis, and Moe) never come with us when we go trail running.  I guess that is because they donít have their own trail packs like I do. 
When I get older Dad and Mom say that I can go trail running with them high up in the mountains. What is your favorite trail run in the mountains? 
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