My brothers: three cats and a turtle.    
I have a lot of brothers.  Three of them are cats and one is a turtle.  We are an interspecies family. 
The cats are Max, Edgar, and Mary Francis.   
Max is an orange cat.  He pretends that he doesnít like me, but I know that he really does. Sometimes for fun I chase him around the house. We have so much fun.  When he gets tired of me chasing him he goes under the bed and takes a nap.
Edgar is a gray and white cat.  Edgar is fat, but he always complains that he is hungry.  Edgar is named after a famous Seattle Mariner baseball player, Edgar somebody.  I donít know why; Edgar (the cat, not the baseball player) doesnít even like to play catch. 
Mary Francis is a black cat.  Mary Francis is a boy cat and if you say otherwise you will get your nose scratched.  Trust me on this one.
What I like best about my cat brothers is their food.  It makes for a good appetizer before I get my regular dinner.  It is also good for snacks.  But Mom and Dad say that I shouldnít snack between meals and they put the cat food bowls out of reach on top of the refrigerator. 
Moe is a turtle.  I donít know much about turtles and Moe hardly ever comes out to play.  Mom feeds Moe worms.  I think that is kind of yucky, but there is no accounting for taste when it comes to turtles.  Moe disappears in the winter.  I think that he goes to Palm Springs with our neighbors, the Bells.
My brothers are fun.  Do you play with your brothers? 
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