My adventure at the beach.         
In August 2004 I visited the beach for the first time.  Mom and I drove (actually she did all the driving and I did all the sleeping in the backseat) to Seaside, Oregon, to meet Dad.  He was there with lots of other runners because it was the finish of the Hood to Coast relay race. 
I liked the beach.  It is very sandy.  The sand is fun to dig in and I dug some big holes.  I also met some other dogs on the beach and we ran around and played in between all of the people.  I also played in the water.  The water at the beach is not like the streams and lakes I know.  Instead it is very salty.  I think that they put too much salt in the water, but a lot of people liked playing in it so it must have been okay. 
While in Seaside we saw the statue of Lewis and Clark and their dog, Dog. Dog was the real hero of the Lewis, Clark, and Dog Expedition, but of course Dog doesnít get the true recognition that he deserves.  I mean, if they had taken a cat instead do you think that they would ever have found Seaside?  I donít think so. 
After meeting Dad, we drove down the coast to Cannon Beach and stayed there for three nights. I found more sand to dig in at Cannon Beach and more dogs to play with.  I also found a dead seagull on the beach and played keep-away from Dad.  Boy, did we run fast. 
Cannon Beach is where Mom and Dad got married last summer.  I wasnít at the wedding.  I guess I was too young.
We also found other beaches to run on south of Cannon Beach. We took a trail from the highway down to the beach at Oswald State Park.  There we watched surfers in the water.  I guess that they like salty water like those other people at Seaside. 
There are a lot of beaches on the Oregon coast.  I wonder where they come fromÖ 
PS. We got to go to the beach again this year (August 2005) and there was still plenty of sand and salty water. I was going to dig a hole to China, but then I thought that the Chinese might be unhappy if all the salty water drained through the hole and flooded their backyard. So I just dug some little holes just to keep in practice.  
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