My    parents.                                   
I love my Mom and Dad.  They take good care of me.  We have fun and play every day.   
My Mom 
My Mom is a registered nurse (RN).  She is a hospice nurse for Providence Hospital in Everett, Washington.  She spends her day visiting patients at their homes and helping them and their families. Sometimes I go along with Mom and help her.  When I become a therapy dog I will be able to help more.  I canít wait. 
Mom is also a life coach.  She is very good.  She talks with people and helps them do important things.  She even has her own web site. It is  You should visit it. 
Mom is a great athlete.  She runs, swims, and rides her bicycle.  She does triathlons, running races, and competes in masters swim meets. She runs marathons and has climbed big mountains.  I am very proud of her.  Someday I want to do a dogathlon, but I need to work on my swimming skills.
My Dad 
My Dad is a professional engineer (PE).  He is a hydrologist for Clear Creek Solutions in Mill Creek.  He sits at the computer all day.  I think it is boring, but he seems to like it.  Some days I go to work with him.  He takes me for walks around the neighborhood when he is not working at the computer. 
I am not sure what a hydrologist does, but I know that it has something to do with water.  I like water, except the salty water at the beach.  If you want to know more about my Dadís work you should go to 
Dad also likes to write articles for magazines and web sites about our family adventures.  His articles have been published in Northwest Runner and Washington Trails magazines and on Lots of people read his articles. He climbs mountains too and he has a backpack like mine.  
Like my Mom, my Dad is an athlete.  I think that it runs in the family, although I am not sure about Edgar (the cat, not the baseball player). My Dad likes to hold my brothers on his lap. I donít understand why he does not like to hold me in his lap. I would like that very much. 
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