My first snow and more snow.  
Snow is neat. It is white, most of the time. Snow tastes a lot like water, only colder. The strange thing is that snow is fluffy and comes out of the sky and covers everything. I wish that it would have come last summer when it was so warm. I would have enjoyed summer more if we would have had some snow to go with it.     
We went outside and played in the snow. All of my old smells were gone. I could find them, though. It just took a little digging around in the snow and there they were. As soon as I knew that they hadn't totally disappeared I was very happy. That was when I found that I could make the snow turn yellow.  
Mom and Dad took me for a long walk in the snow. We ran through the snow and chased snowballs. Snowballs are very hard to catch. Just when I thought that I had one trapped between my paws it would disappear into the surrounding snow. I wonder how it did that. 
We saw kids playing in the snow and sledding down hills. I would like to have my own sled. I bet that I could go really fast down the hills. And then Mom and Dad could pull me back up to the top and I could do it all over again.
New snow came when we went to Cougar Mountain in early December.  We ran through the snow.  I ran fast.  Mom and Dad ran slow.  I would run ahead and then run back to meet them. We took lots of pictures.  I guess that Mom and Dad wanted to remember what snow looks like. They are silly that way. 
The snow didn't last long.  I hope that it will come back again and this time not wait another nine months.  That is too long to wait for snow.  Don't you agree?
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