My first Christmas. 
Christmas is a great time of year. You get pretty clothes and lots of treats. Everyone is very nice. 
We started our celebrating with the lighting of Hanukkah candles. They are very pretty and every night Mom would light one more than the night before. I don't know where she got so many candles. 
After we ran out of candles we had Christmas. There were no Christmas candles, but we opened a lot of presents. With Dad's help I gave Mom a sweater with a picture of a bear on it (I couldn't find a sweater with a Malamute picture anywhere). But I did find a book about Malamutes. The name of the book is Uncle Boris in the Yukon. It was written by Daniel Pinkwater. Daniel knows Malamutes. If you want to read my review of Daniel's book go to my book review page. It is a very funny book.  
Mom and Dad got me a silly Santa hat for Christmas. I don't know why; it wasn't on my list. My list was very simple:  
    Big bones 
    Really big bones 
    Doggy cookies 
    Big doggy cookies 
    Really big doggy cookies 
I don't see "Santa hat" anywhere on that list, do you? 
I tried to stay up long enough to see Santa arrive (I wanted to see his reindeer), but I fell asleep before he came. Next year!
Christmas morning we drove up to Vancouver, Canada, to see my friend Maia. Maia came to visit us at Thanksgiving and we had a lot of fun. Maia is Mark and Susan's daughter (Mark is Mom's brother). I guess that makes Maia and me cousins. 
The weather in Vancouver was yucky. All it did was rain. We went outside in the rain, but it is hard to have fun when you are cold and wet. 
I hope that Maia comes down and visits us so that we can play again. I will make sure that the weather is better next time.
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