My birthdays! 
My second birthday was great! Our neighbors came to celebrate it with us.  We had carrot cake and ice cream and I got presents.  My birthday cake had a tiara on it and I got to wear the tiara after we cut the cake.  
Mom said that I could have a pony if I was very good.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  I bet that it will be more fun to play with than my silly brothers, Max, Edgar, and Mary Francis. 
I think that birthdays are really neat and I can hardly wait for my next one.  I hope that it doesn't take another whole year again to arrive.  Birthdays should come whenever you are hungry for cake.  Don't you agree?
My first birthday was the best!  We had cake and I got presents and we went on a run on Cougar Mountain.  We should do this every year! 
Mom and Dad invited some friends to my birthday party.  Oliver and Jack and their people owners came and we all got to eat cake.
After opening my presents and running with my friends at Cougar Mountain I was very happy, but very tired.  I went home and took a nap.  Birthday parties are hard work. 
I hope that you can come to my birthday party next year!
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