My Street Scrambles. 
NEWS FLASH!!!  The Everett Street Scramble will be Saturday, June 17, 2006.  It will start at the Everett Events Center on the corner of Broadway and Hewitt in downtown Everett.  Come join the fun! 
I got to do my first street scramble in April 2005.  I ran with Mom and Dad all around the U District in Seattle looking for checkpoints.  Dad told us which way to go and Mom figured out the answer to each checkpoint question.  We found 17 checkpoints in 3 hours.  We called our team "Team Nisqually", of course.  We got lots and lots of points and a pretty ribbon at the finish.  You can see for yourself if you go to
Dad showed us around the University of Washington campus.  He said that he went there when he was a student, but he looks a lot older than all of the students that we saw on campus. 
People on the campus asked if I am a husky because I look like the UW mascot.  They don't know that the UW mascot dog is actually a malamute.  Silly people. 
The next street scramble we did was in Bellevue, Washington, across Lake Washington from Seattle.  We started at the Crossroads shopping center.  They were very nice to let dogs inside the shopping center (see my list of dog-friendly businesses).  I wish that all businesses were that friendly. 
The scramble was held on a very hot day in May.  We had to stop many times for water and some people were nice enough to let us drink from their hose.  The hose water was okay, but I prefer stream water.  It is tastier. 
A nice lady named Lori took our picture while we were looking for a checkpoint.  She was taking everyone's picture, even people without dogs.  You can see all of her pictures at her web site,
At the finish Team Nisqually got a special award.  I think that we got the award because we are special.  We should get that award at every street scramble. 
Our last street scramble was in Uptown Seattle.  Dad says that Seattle natives call this area the Denny Regrade; newcomers call it Belltown; I call it fun.  We ran up Queen Anne Hill (I ran; the others walked).  I looked for Queen Anne, but I guess that she wasn't home.  Our friend Tom joined our team and he helped us a lot.  We ran through Myrtle Edwards Park (no Myrtle), along the waterfront, and then up to the Pike Place Market.  There were lots of people at the market and I looked for flying salmon, but I didn't see any.  At the finish we got enough points to win second place. That was even better than our Crossroads special award. 
We finished the street scramble series in second place in our division with lots and lots of points (I can't count that high). Next year we are going to do it again and Mom and Dad are going to organize an Everett street scramble. I can hardly wait.    
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