My first Furry 5K. 
I love to run. So I was very excited when Mom and Dad told me that we were going to the Furry 5K in Seattle. I would show all of those other dogs how fast I can run. 
We got to the Furry 5K and there were so many dogs; I wanted to greet them all but there were too many and then the race started and we started running and I started passing dogs and showing them how fast I can run and I ran really fast, but there were always more
dogs up ahead, and soon I got tired and had to walk and some of the dogs started passing me but that was okay because I had already showed them that I could run really fast and finally we came to a sign that said "1 Mile" (or at least that is what Dad told me since I can't really read very well yet) and I thought "boy, 3 miles is a really long ways to go when you want to run fast" and then we turned
and started up a really big hill and it was very warm and I was getting very tired and thirsty and finally we got to the top of the hill and I found a really big water bowl and I climbed in to get a drink and cool my feet and I thought about staying here for the rest of the day, but Dad said that we had to go and so finally we ran back down the hill and on to the finish line. I was happy when we finished. Next year I will run the whole way and beat all of those dogs - just you watch.  
My story about the Furry 5K has been published in the August 2005 issue of Northwest Runner magazine.  It is titled "Fast Fun at the Furry 5K".  I suggest that you buy a copy of the issue to read my article (which is really cute) or, better yet, subscribe to Northwest Runner ($19.95/year), 4831 NE 44th, Seattle, WA 98105.  
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